Pittsburgh is a scenic city located at the junction of three rivers and is the second largest city in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh was once an industrial hub for steel and coal mining, but the vibes are changing with local tech companies opening offices in the area. It has been consistently named as a top travel destination due to the availability of attractions for a wide variety of tastes – professional sporting events, whiskey bars & breweries, shopping, and food.

Pittsburgh is a city where you will get around most easily by driving. These is bus system, but the public transportation is not all encompassing. Pittsburgh does have a lot of bridges, tight turns and moderate amount of parking. Therefore, it might be helpful to focus your exploration by region of the city – spending time in a given day within closely located, walkable areas. Rentable bikes are a growing trend and can be super helpful for navigating dense areas with little parking.

We recently spent a long weekend in Pittsburgh and wanted to share some of our favorite experiences – “A Snapshot of Pittsburgh”.

The Point – the place where the Alleghany and the Monongahela Rivers come together to form the Ohio River. When the weather’s nice, lots of boats can be seen and people congregate in the parks along the shore.

Strip District – a strip of shops, markets and boutiques located outside of downtown Pittsburgh. It is generally defined as 11th – 33rd street and ranging from the river to Liberty Avenue. This is a gem of a neighborhood, full of boutiques, restaurants, international grocery stores. The Strip District started as an industrial neighborhood with mills and foundaries. Soon, produce merchants began to move in, then specialty shops and restaurants. You basically need a guide to all the places to shop and eat.

Monongahela Incline – One of the most touristy things to do in the city, but for under $6, it’s well worth it to visit the oldest continuously operating funicular. It was started to transport factory and mill workers that lived on Mount Washington to their work. Currently, it serves primarily as a link between commuters to downtown Pittsburg and for international visitors.

Mount Washington Overlook – quick walk from the Monongahela Incline. Located atop a 450-foot high hill, this offers gorgeous views of the city. We highly recommend going at night to see the city all lit up.

Penn Brewery – A microbrewery that opened in 1986, as one of the earliest creators in the American craft beer movement. A range of locally brewed, award winning beers, including both a year round selection and seasonal varieties. The menu includes both classic and contemporary Pittsburg foods, including schnitzel, French fry salad, pretzels and pierogis. Yum!

Highland Park – Highland Park started as a public reservoir in the late 1800s and is now home to a Victorian-style garden, a bike track, the Pittsburgh Zoo and the PPG Aquarium.

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is one of just six zoo/aquarium combinations in the United States!

Carson Street – Along the Southside of Pittsburg, located along the River is E. Carson Street, part of the business district which is home to small shops, restaurants and bars. This is a fun place for dinner or drinks, gets a little wild in the weekend evenings!

Also notable in Pittsburgh are

-the museums (Carnegie Science Center & Museums and the Andy Warhol Museum, just to name a few)

-sporting events – get yourself some yellow & Black and cheer on the Penguins (hockey), Steelers (football), Pirates (baseball) or Riverhounds (soccer).

We have presented information here that compiles tidbits from several different sites and from our own experience. Our hope is that our work will save others countless hours of searching to find the answers they need. Please remember that we cannot make any guarantees or promises regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information. This website is for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional advice. Travel safely!

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