When planning for our first trip to Europe together, we realized that gathering the information we needed required searching through countless sites and sorting disorganized information into something coherent and usable on the fly. Our goal at ImpulsePlanner is to compile information that we’ve learned through our travels and adventures. We hope the tips and tidbits we have shared will help you plan your adventure enough to leave more room for your own spontaneity and creativity. 


About Adiona

Somehow I am both spontaneous and incredibly Type A. I enjoy trying new things and enjoying the simple pleasures. However, I also dislike it when things do not go well- overpaying for stuff, going off schedule, realizing I’ve missed out. I like to spend enough time researching something to be knowledgeable, and this gives me the freedom to know I won’t miss the big stuff and then enjoy the ride.

I love traveling – my father was born in Europe and for the first few years of my life I had been to more countries than states in the U.S. As I began to travel as an adult, I noticed I needed to go to several different websites to get the information I needed. I also recently became a homeowner, which was has been a rollercoaster. Overall, I would like to share all the information that I found to be helpful as I waded through lots of other material. I also want it to be helpful, accessible and brief.


About Abeona

I discovered my love for travel as a college student. My finances were not so fortunate. So, I developed my own short-cuts that allowed me to experience countless cities and countries without amassing thousands of dollars in student loans. I have continued to use these and other strategies throughout the years, and hope that by sharing some of what I’ve learned that I can help others live their best life.



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