Washing your blinds

Washing your blinds


Perfect for Spring, today’s topic is washing blinds. For me this coincided with painting the room, but it was so easy, I think it will be a regular thing. It is very cost effective, moderately labor intensive (scrubbing blinds is hard!) and has a large impact.

Now, I had wiped these down with Clorox wipes or sponges and disinfectant so I thought they were pretty clean start. Boy, I was wrong.


I put them in the bathtub for about an hour in a 5% bleach solution (using hot water) for an hour, turning once halfway. I used enough water to mostly cover them, knowing I would turn them. Within a few minutes of putting them in the water, I could see a little cloud of dirt in the water.

After the hour had passed, I scrubbed each one carefully. This was probably overkill (15 minutes on each side may have helped significantly), but I wanted the scrubbing to be real easy. Then, I soaked them again for about 15 minutes in fresh water to really let the strings get white.

After a little rinse, I drained the tub while propping the blind up against the side to allow most of the water to drip off. Then, I hung them outside from string put on my patio. Growing up, we would lay them out on the lawn. You may want to use a paper towel to wipe down any water droplets so they don’t stain.

ALTERNATIVE: I have also used 1 cup vinegar and ¾ cup baking soda, which is much less toxic. In this situation, the strings did not become as white. So if you want to, well, bleach the strings then you may want to use bleach.

Materials needed: Sponge, water, bleach OR baking soda, vinegar.

Estimated time – start to finish about two hours. There were gaps of time while it was soaking that I was able to work on other things.


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One thought on “Washing your blinds

  1. Really great way to get the job done. I just cleaned blinds last week, I wiped them down with cloth and soap solution but from this read I’m guessing they aren’t properly cleaned …geesh lol. They will have to stay tho, I live in an apartment ? so no place to dry them.

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